The Story Of Han Dynasty

The Story Of Han Dynasty


The Story Of Han Dynasty ,Dà Hàn Fēng,

Stars: Jacklyn Wu, Hu Jun, Kristy Yang

Episodes: 50 | Quality: DVD | Status: Completed | Year: 2003

Genre: Martial Arts, | Country : China,

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Screenshots The Story Of Han Dynasty and description the story of han dynasty

The Story of Han Dynasty is a re-enactment of one of the most fascinating periods in the grand river of Chinese history, when, during the latter days of the crumbling of the Qin Empire, the Han armies led by warlord Liu Bang contended for supremacy against the more powerful forces led by Xiang Yu the Conqueror of West Chu. Mainland actor Hu Jun (Red Cliff) stars as Xiang Yu while this historical figure's loyal concubine is played by the Hong Kong beauty Kristy Yang. Actors playing the leaders in the rivaling camp are no less captivating - the series features Xiao Rong Sheng and Jacklyn Wu Chien Lien as Liu Bang and his Queen. William Chang, famous for his artistic direction in Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood for Love and 2046, designs the image of Xiang Yu and makes The Story of Han Dynasty all the more splendid!

the story of han dynasty

Dà Hàn Fēng 

Also Known As:  Dà Hàn Fēng
Cast:  Jacklyn Wu, Hu Jun, Kristy Yang
Directed:  Huang Wei Ming
Genre:  Historical Drama
Run time:  About 2100 min.+ (about 42 min.+ per episode x 50 episodes)
Country:  China, Hong Kong
Air date:  2003
Language:  Mandarin
Subtitles: English srt

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